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Avoid A DIY Nightmare That Costs You $1,000s And Months Of Your Time

A DIY renovation might sound like a good idea… but if you’re not careful it can quickly turn into a nightmare. Navigating the compliance requirements, buying expensive tools and equipment, sourcing quality materials for an affordable price… by the time you finish, you could end up months behind schedule and $1,000s over budget! Plus, the end result just won’t be the same as it would be using a professional.

Why not save yourself the stress and sleepless nights and have us do it instead? My team and I will complete the job to an impeccable standard, inside 6 weeks – so you can have your dream basement, exactly the way you picture it.

The BCR Dream Basement Process

Here's How It Works

1. Book Your 'Dream Renovation' Call

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2. Get A No-Obligation Quote From Me

Once we've discussed your goals and vision, I'll put together a no-obligation quote that outlines the investment required for your new basement.

3. Enjoy Your Spacious New Basement!

Once your new basement is ready, there's nothing left for you to do except enjoy it. It'll be like having a new home (without the price tag) that you and your family can spread out and enjoy!

Transform Your Dull Basement Into Your Dream, Light-Filled Space In Just 6 Weeks


Hear What 600+ Toronto And Durham Homeowners Say About BCR Basements…

Transform Your Dull Basement Into Your Dream, Light-Filled Space In Just 6 Weeks

Transform Your 'Boring' Basement Into A Functional, Light-Filled Space


Transform Your Dull Basement Into Your Dream, Light-Filled Space In Just 6 Weeks

BCR Basements Iron-Clad Double Guarantee

Finished In 6 Weeks… Or We Start Paying You!

We are so confident your renovation will be fully completed in just 6 weeks, that for every week delayed we will give you $1,000! And in case you were wondering – there are NO fees or extra charges to qualify for this guarantee. In the 5 years we've been doing this, we haven't once missed this deadline!

Unrivaled Zero-Defect Guarantee Not Only Are We Fast…

Our building practices, material and finishes are of the highest standard. We are obsessively meticulous with our quality and guarantee that your renovated basement will be delivered without a single defect.
*T&C's apply

Transform Your Dull Basement Into Your Dream, Light-Filled Space In Just 6 Weeks

Imagine Replacing Your Dusty, Old Basement With Your Dream Space… Within Just 6 Weeks!

Home Gym
Man Cave
Home Theater
Entertainment Room

Why Not Turn Your Basement Into A Self-Contained Apartment That Earns You $1,500+ A Month?

Why Trust BCR Basements?

Transform Your Dull Basement Into Your Dream, Light-Filled Space In Just 6 Weeks


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Transform Your Dull Basement Into Your Dream, Light-Filled Space In Just 6 Weeks


The 6-Step Manual To Transform Your Dusty Basement Into A Private Sanctuary (For Less Than You Think!)

PLUS Download Your Copy Now And Find Out How To Get $5,000 Towards Your Dream Basement Renovation!

Have two years of lockdowns and quarantine left your house feeling stale and uninspired? Is it bursting at the seams… and in desperate need of new life? Then this guide is for YOU!

My name is Quacy Barry – I’m a certified professional builder with 8+ years of experience as an in-demand basement renovator. After years of being asked how I do it, I’m finally lifting the lid on all my trade secrets… to show everyday Canadians just how simple it is to transform a dark and dusty basement into a light-filled private retreat.

Best of all? These methods work even if you’ve never picked up a hammer, have no idea about renovations and only have a few spare hours on the weekend!

Here’s What You’ll Discover:


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When you download this free eBook, you won’t just discover how to transform your dusty basement into a light-filled private retreat. You’ll find out how to get the job done on time, inside budget and up to compliance standards!

We've transformed more than 600 Basements and added more than 500,000 sqft to Toronto & Durham Regions

What Our Clients Have To Say

“BCR did a complete renovation/re-construction of our basement. Entire job took about 6weeks. From BCR initial design to the finished product he was exactly in line with what we wanted and we regularly (almost daily) kept in touch as to the progress of the job and the budget. This was our first major renovation and Barry did a great job at keeping us informed about what was going on and any issues that arose. He arrived on-time each and every day. Barry kept our budget in mind throughout the project. The final product was fantastic and the workmanship was top-notch. I would not hesitate to recommend Barry and will use him again for future jobs.”