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Custom Home Builders vs. Volume Home Builders: What Are the Differences?

Custom home builders want to build a home for a specific client and their needs. It means that they will work to create your dream home, but their base offer is commonly higher than the volume home builders offer.


On the other hand, volume home builders offer pre-existing designs with limited customization options. But they usually have a lower base price offer.


This dilemma can be confusing for homeowners who only want to live in a home that they’ve been dreaming of. They fear regretting their decision or wasting their money on hiring the wrong builder.


As a homeowner, you should be in control of your home’s final outcome. You deserve to live in a home you’ve been dreaming of because it is the fruit of your hard-earned time and money.


Thus, you don’t want to entrust your investment to just anyone. Learning who you should hire is the first step in ensuring that you get the home you want.


Custom Home Builders vs. Volume Home Builders


What is a custom home builder?

A custom home builder builds a home for you. The house will be one-of-a-kind and designed just for you to live in. Custom builders can also help you design your dream home, including the floor plans, materials, look and feel of the house.


A custom home builder is on the same team as you are. They have expertise in building homes that meet individual needs and tastes.


Is custom home building more expensive?

The volume of projects a custom home builder accepts every year is typically fewer than a volume builder. This is why a custom home builder’s cost per project is usually higher. But this will depend on the size and scope of your project.


Advantages and disadvantages of hiring custom home builders

Custom home builders may charge higher rates per project, but they can work around your budget. If you’re not sure how much you can afford, many custom builders will provide an estimate.


Custom home builders also offer the advantage of unique designs or features that will distinguish your house from others in the neighbourhood. This may include different floor plans for you to choose from or extra features like patios and garages.


You can even design your own plan and let them build it for you. It allows you to have a wide variety of options for construction materials, amenities, and styles.


A custom builder is on your side from start to finish, helping you with all your needs, from loans and development to construction.


What is a volume home builder?

Volume home builders are a company that specializes in constructing from pre-made plans. They usually work from existing house designs. This means that their plan options are limited, and there’s little room for personalization.


Volume builders have become popular because they can build homes quickly and efficiently, perfect for those who need them delivered within a specific timeframe.


However, they’re not the best option for those seeking customized homes, but they’re an affordable option if you’re fine sacrificing the features you want for a dream home.


Are volume builders cheaper?

Generally, volume builders offer their services at a lower price. However, these offerings are just a base price and tend to go higher.


Volume builders can charge you less per project because they receive a larger amount of projects each year. This high volume will factor into their pricing, but it can also cause delays on your project due to the high amount of work they have on their plate.


The more changes you make or any delays on your end will also mean a higher overall price for your project.


Besides that, hiring volume builders can also be more expensive if there are upgrades or customizations you want to add besides the package they offer. They also tend to upsell luxury inclusions that can increase the cost of their services.


Advantages and disadvantages of hiring volume home builders

As mentioned, volume home builders are usually cheaper than custom builders. The pricing of volume home builder services is typically lower than that of custom builders because they work with pre-made designs and receive bulk orders.


Their customization options are limited, and the price can go up if you want to add upgrades or special features. Volume builders also tend to upsell luxury features to increase your project’s cost.


Hiring them can be an excellent option if you’re okay living in a home that doesn’t have the features you like without your style and personality.


Final Words

We understand the effort you made to make your dream home a reality. Don’t let it go down the drain by hiring the wrong builder. Hiring custom home builders and volume home builders have their pros and cons.


It’s up to you to choose which ones you think you should hire based on what your home will become.


If you need custom home builders who can turn your dream home into reality, talk with us. Request a quote now!

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