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5 Essential Features When Designing Your Luxury Custom Home | Your Luxury Home Builders Toronto Specialist

When you propose a design to your local luxury custom home builder, never forgo the necessities. We all want to have excellent features in our house, but do you know what makes a luxury home luxurious?

When talking about a luxury custom home, people often think about several acres of estate, mansions, massive pools and garages full of cars. However, it isn’t just a well-appointed home. Imagine royalty, a sacred sanctuary that exudes elegance, sophistication and extravagance.

Before you contact your local luxury custom home builder, consider including these in your design. These features can be seen in almost all luxury homes in your area.

We live in a world wherein technological innovations dominate our daily life. It isn’t a luxury home if it isn’t a smart home. With a single tap on your phone, you will be able to lock your doors, play your tunes and control your lights. When it comes to technology, homeowners want it all.


It is an essential feature for the security of your home as well. Imagine going away on a trip with your mind at ease, knowing you can monitor your home remotely.


It’s not complete luxury without your own private theatre and a massive game room. It gives you the best seat in the house! Watch your favourite flicks within the comfort of your home.

Coordinate with your designer to get the best layout for your home cinema. Most homeowners want a stadium seating arrangement. If this is the case for you, consult your designer to check if it is possible with your home layout.

Outdoor Living Space

Think about creating an outside living space that’s focused on cooking and entertaining. Outdoor living rooms, kitchen islands, and designing a kitchen in various spaces – on a patio, in a backyard, or on a city rooftop kitchen – are all possibilities when creating your outdoor space.

Installing an outdoor kitchen alongside your swimming pool can complete your elegant outdoor living area. An outdoor kitchen and pool setup is a great way to create a backyard hideaway with plenty of facilities, plus it’s only a few steps away from your actual kitchen.

This living design allows you to host friends, family, and coworkers in a relaxing outdoor setting with all the necessary appliances and cooking essentials.

Fitness Center

Having a sleek fitness centre within the confines of your home means convenience and privacy. This particular feature carries so much value as most now realize the importance of having a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

If you are planning to buy a property that has a view of the mountains, the lake or the beach, this is a great opportunity to set up your home gym. Consider building a gym with a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking scenery that will surely motivate you to get active!. 

Experience an enjoyable workout and have a better recovery experience. Build a fitness room that helps you focus and stay motivated by designing your own home gym. The colour of the room, the air quality, the air conditioning, the lighting, the ceiling height, the design, and the size of the gym can all influence your workout routine.

Gourmet Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart and soul of any home. It is where food that creates conversations is made. Most luxury homeowners are now leaning towards healthy eating. And most of them do it in style! A large island with a sink, double ovens, heated drawers, washers, and other amenities can be found in luxury homes with high-end kitchens. 

Putting together a family supper in a gourmet kitchen makes mealtime even more delightful, whether you’re a pro or an aspiring home chef. The breakfast bar section provides plenty of prep space, with quartz or granite counters available in most designs. Add it with stylish cabinets and a top-of-the-line gas cooktop range, and you are all set.

Your version of luxury may differ from others. You might want to spend more on the kitchen rather than a spa-like bathroom. However, to attain your luxury custom home, aim to have the most updated features, amenities and technological innovation there is to offer.

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