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8 Toronto Bathroom Renovation Excellent Must-haves

Are you planning a Toronto bathroom renovation? Whether you are remodelling your bathroom due to damaged plumbing or cracked tiles, renovating gives you the opportunity to upgrade everything.

Amongst homeowners, kitchen renovations are more popular. However, remodelling your bathroom is also a must. We spend time here every day; it’s our place for peace and quiet, thus making it beautiful is a no-brainer.

When you think about Toronto bathroom renovations, you think about heated floors and ceramic tile showers. You wanted to have aesthetic fixtures and cute bathroom accessories. However, these should be the last things to worry about.

When designing your next bathroom, do not compromise your budget and functionality because “it looks so good.” It’s best to prioritize the must-haves, then the rest can follow. 

Double Sinks

This is a number one must-have. If you have the space to install it, do not hesitate to put it on your list of to-dos in your Toronto bathroom renovation. If you share a bathroom with your partner, then it will significantly benefit you both. 

Whether you will share this with your significant other or just yourself, go for double sinks. This will ultimately increase the resale value of your home.

Tip: Go for under-mounted sinks, it’s cheaper, and it does not require you to purchase water-resistant materials on your counter. 

Shower Bench

This is most likely not on your list! Keep in mind that we are aiming for aesthetics and functionality here. Homeowners always assume that the sole purpose of this bench is for accessibility. Not necessarily, as the shower bench can be extra shelving in your shower.

Extend your tub decking, and you will get an added functional shelf and an upgraded look!

Lighting Fixtures

In a bathroom, there are a variety of lighting options. Pot lights are essential for gorgeous lighting since they are visually appealing, exude character, and are cost-effective. 

Lamps for your vanity come in a variety of colours and ornamental options to complement your new bathroom decor. Setting aside a budget for new fixtures can make a significant difference in the appearance of your bathroom.

Tip: Add dimmers to these lights to create a spa-like atmosphere while showering or bathing.


There are many great-looking cabinets available in the market. And people tend to buy because of the looks instead of functionality. Consider buying cabinets that will fit all your things, such as your toilet paper supply, towels and many more. 

Make it practical, choose between tall shelves or built-in cabinets for larger storage space, and save space.

Upgrade Your Ventilation

Yes, it is great to have a hot shower after a long day of work. But all the steam can cause significant damage in your bathroom if you don’t have a proper ventilation system. 

Updating your ventilation can give you a great advantage as you don’t have to crack open your window when it’s freezing outside. Even during hot showers in winter (when water vapour can thicken faster), proper ventilation will help your bathroom avoid accumulating moisture and water droplets—leaving you with undamaged cabinets and mould growth.

Replace Your Tiles

Tiles in the bathroom will form discolouration, moulding and cracks over the years. But the good news is, countertops, floor and wall tiles are the easiest to replace. 

Avoid natural stone tiles, such as limestones, as they do not age well. Instead, choose porcelain tiles or any solid colour tiles that will perfectly match your walls. 

Tip: Make sure that the tiles you will be using are mould and water-resistant. 

Luxury Bathtubs

If you already have an old bathtub and you are currently in the stages of planning your Toronto bathroom renovation. Then it is a must to replace your old tub to match the new style you are designing for your bathtub. 

Apart from the fact that you can soak all your stress away, it gives a tremendous boost in the value of your home. 

Walk-in Closet

Not a morning person? Then this is a must-have for you! This is a common feature for luxury homes around the world. Imagine getting out of the shower and going straight to your closet to get dressed; that is convenience and privacy. 

If you have the space for a walk-in closet, add one to your bathroom renovation and shave off time from your morning routine.

Whether you are in the stages of planning or already started your Toronto bathroom renovation, keep these things in mind when buying materials. Again, aesthetics shouldn’t suffer because of functionality – it works both ways.

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