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8 of the Best Ideas for Your Toronto Basement Renovation

Basements; sometimes they’re an extra room, but most of the time, they’re a dark pit under your house that has become home to your old and unused things that you won’t let go of. 

However, Toronto basement renovations are gaining popularity with homeowners nowadays. 

People are now looking to transform this space into something that the family can utilize. Ideas span from a games room or a man cave to a home gym or even a spa. With the expansive space basements typically occupy, you can transform the area from a scene in a horror movie to a luxurious getaway.  

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to create the ideal basement for you and your family. According to realtors, it’s also a good investment, as most home buyers are looking for a renovated basement.

These ideas are the most sought out designs in Toronto now. Choose the one that will be perfect for your basement renovation.

Toronto Basement Renovation Ideas

Family Room

Transform your basement into a second living room. Send your kids down there when they want to play video games, and you want to relax with the latest episode of your favourite show.

A second living area can also help keep your main living room clean for when guests come over, as your kids’ mess will be hidden downstairs. 

A budget should include comfortable chairs, proper lighting, and an entertainment system. Make a decision based on what your family likes the most.

Gaming Room

MA gaming room is a sure method to create a side business that’s worth investing in your basement makeover. There are several designs to choose from, but a good return on investment should justify overall spending.

A gaming room is a sure method to create a side business that’s worth investing in your basement makeover. There are several designs to choose from, but overall spending should be justified by a good return on investment.

Airbnb Room

In recent years, the third-party lodging business has witnessed a substantial increase in Toronto. If you decide to transform your basement into an AirBnB area for visitors, you are not late to the party.

Consider renting out your basement as an Airbnb room. With a suitable layout, you can earn an average of $1,200 – $1,600 a month. More bedrooms will help improve the value of your property. If you’re thinking about renovating your basement into something like this, bear in mind that you’ll need a separate entrance, larger windows, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

Stylish Bar

Install a modern bar in the basement to make your home the place where your family and friends can’t wait to visit. Add indoor games such as billiards and darts to make each visit to the bar space unique. 

There are many different contemporary home bar ideas to choose from, so make the most of every square inch of your basement. Adding a bathroom to the entertaining space would be the icing on the cake. 

Do you have a small family? If so, this may be the perfect solution to entertain your guests away from the children. 

In-home Spa

Imagine a spa inside your home—a place where you can relax after a gruelling day of work. This space is not an extra bathroom. Make it more luxurious by adding a walking sauna, a shower, and a freestanding tub. 

Do not forget to create a relaxing ambiance by adding dimming lights and scented candles to complete your bathroom renovation. Design your spa to stimulate your entire senses and foster your body, mind, and soul’s rejuvenation.

Home Gym

If you want to work out privately, your basement is the best place to go. This project usually works best with mats and mirrored walls. Treadmills, yoga mattresses, weights, and workshops are available, with plenty of area for equipment. A home gym downstairs might also be the perfect spot for the dancer in your life. 

Talk to our team today and let them show you what they can accomplish with your basement and enjoy the perks of having an extra room that your family can enjoy. You’re going to be happy you did.

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