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New Home Construction: 5 Reasons to Build in Durham

Moving into a place you are not familiar with can be daunting and exciting at the same time. Daunting because you do not know what awaits you. Exciting, as your new home construction in Durham, provides you with the opportunities to thrive and live happily.  

New Home Construction: 5 Excellent Reasons to Build a Home in Durham 

Whether Durham is the best location for you or not, you deserve to live in a house where you and your family can thrive. After all, it is a considerable investment, and you do not want your time, money, and effort to go down the drain.  

To find out if Durham is the best place for you, we have listed some things that we believe make it an excellent choice.


The location should be the first consideration when you move into a new place since a bad neighbourhood and a high crime rate should be the least of your worries. Thus, the location should be regarded with the highest standards as it can also affect the property’s value and future selling point.

The good thing is, Durham has an excellent location. It is complete with essential establishments, as well as beautiful sceneries and parks. This city is also near Toronto, which provides a mixed lifestyle for its citizens. Whether you prefer rural or residential, Durham has it all.  


Another reason you should consider a new home construction in Durham is the number of schools nearby. The following are only a few of the hundreds you can find here:

  • Great Beginnings Montessori School
  • Pickering High School
  • Durham Catholic District School Board
  • Cambridge International Academy
  • Blyth Academy Whitby

Even if you do not have any kids, you will benefit from a school near your home as it can boost the listing price of your home if you decide to sell in the future. 


If you are an outdoor person who loves to experience various activities, Durham is an excellent choice for you. This city is famous for its sporting and racing events, such as the NASCAR, CASCAR, and SCCA in Bowmanville.

If you love sightseeing in beautiful sceneries, there are parks and recreational places you can go to, such as Paradise Beach and John A. Murray Park. 

You can also find a lot of dining, shopping, and spa establishments.

For this reason, whether recreational, commercial, or educational, you will never go wrong starting a new life in Durham. You can enjoy doing different kinds of activities no matter what your age is. 


Durham can provide jobs for those who want to live there, whether you want to establish a business or work for a particular job. 

Because of the diversity of people living here, you can find jobs or investment opportunities in various sectors, such as manufacturing, tourism, entertainment, and agriculture. 

Crime Rate

There may be places with a low crime rate in the world, but it is impossible to find one with a zero crime rate, not even in Antarctica.

As for Durham, Areavibes gave it an A+ rating because the violent crime rating is only 874 and property crime is 2,531 per 100,000 people as of this writing. Its average is 27% lower than the national average, and it is safer than 46% of cities in Ontario.


We understand your doubts about moving into a new place and how daunting it is to feel uncertain about what’s waiting for you there. We get that you do not want to pay to construct a new home in Durham, just to realize that you don’t like it there. 

However, do not let your worries and uncertainties stop you from finding a peaceful neighbourhood where you will be at the bright side. Remember to look for the possibility of living peacefully in a neighbourhood where you can thrive and build memories with your family.

If you choose to live in Durham, we can help you build your dream home. BCR has been building luxury homes for years. Whether you need a new home construction, remodelling, and renovation, we have your back.

Do not put your investment at risk by hiring just anyone. Talk with professional builders who have a long experience in the industry, and you will not regret the outcome of the construction. If you hire the right builders, you will live in a home you have been dreaming of and create memories in years to come.