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Remodeling a Staircase: 2 Important Factors to Know

When it comes to remodelling a staircase, the kitchen and bathroom are generally the most popular. Only a few people consider remodelling their staircase. 

However, you should pay attention to the remodelling of your staircase as it affects the overall impression of your home. For example, a rotten wooden staircase railing can make your house look cheap. It is an ugly reputation that you would never want to have.

For this reason, it’s time to pay a closer look at your staircase. Learn the design ideas a contractor can do for you and the factors that affect the cost of their services.  

Can You Redesign a Staircase

It is possible to redesign your staircase to add to your home’s general appeal. Choose among the different staircase makeover ideas that are the most fitting to your home.

In this section, you will learn some of the different designs you can incorporate into your staircase.


A staircase with glass railings gives a sense of classiness and style. They allow us to show off glass’s elegant and natural beauty. 

Imagine having this kind of staircase on a balcony that offers spectacular views. Glass railings make it possible to enjoy the view without any obstacles.

They are simple, sleek and elegant, and the stunning transparency allows the railings to be almost unnoticeable.

Stair-Runner Carpet

If you want a staircase with a conservative design, you can go with a simple layout and colour. A plain neutral colour will do. However, adding a stair-runner carpet with a geometric pattern will make your staircase look interesting. 


Contemporary staircase designs add a modern look and feel to your home. The stair layout is typically simple, with finished wood as the primary material. 


You can ask your builders for a staircase railing remodel to make it look like it is floating. 

The staircases are not literally floating; it just means that the stair treads are not connected. Instead, they are joined by one or several stair stringers, which run underneath the treads or along their sides.


An artistic staircase design allows you to express how you want your house to look. Depending on the intricacies of the designs you choose, you can add a classy and stylish feel to your home. 


Traditional staircase designs vary. Depending on the house’s overall look, they can be simple or grandiose, exuding a feeling of warmth and elegance. 


Rustic staircases are commonly composed of organic shapes and textures, exuding a feeling of warmth. It is popular because it brings a natural feel to a city home while evoking the tranquillity of the woods.

Remodelling a Staircase: Factors to Consider to Determine the Cost

The mentioned design ideas are only a few options for choosing the best style for your staircase. When it comes to design, the selections are limitless. 

However, before heading out to your builder, find out the kind of work that affects the cost of a staircase remodel. Plan it out and choose the design that will suit your budget.  

Painting the Stairwell

The area surrounding the stairs is called the stairwell, and painting it is not your only option. You can choose to re-engineer your staircase, but it can be more difficult because of all the corners and nooks. The cost of the service will depend on the size and complexity of your stairwell.

Moving the Stairs

It takes eight hours for two builders to install a staircase, and moving the whole staircase could take more time, as it is a lengthy process. However, it is a must-have procedure if you want to expand your living space or transform your home. 


The price of custom stairs will vary depending on the project. Custom stairs are generally costlier. The rule of thumb is the more personalized your stairs are, the more expensive they will be.  

On the bright side, it gives you the freedom to design your stairs in any way you like. You can choose from a traditional look to a modern floating design.

Replacing the Stairs

The price for demolishing your stairs can vary depending on the material and type of construction. Although it may seem more cost-effective to take down the stairs yourself, leave this job to the professionals.

Your builders will take apart the stairs and don’t just break them down, and are careful to not ruin your home’s overall aesthetics.

The given staircase designs in this article are just inspirations. Many design ideas will make your stairway an attractive part of your home. 


Remember that stairs are essential not just in helping people to move around the house. While you should be focusing on the functional aspects, don’t forget about the aesthetics, as stairs also have an essential role in setting your home’s tone and look.

If you need some advice and guidance on remodelling your staircase, contact BCR today!

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