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11 Features Needed to Design a Luxury Home

Are you considering building a luxury home but don’t know what design features to include? Or maybe you have already started on your design and want some tips for finishing the project with style.


This blog post is designed to help! We will talk about 11 features that make a luxurious home and why each is important in defining your dream property.


Design a Luxury Home With These 11 Features

People often think design is about the layout of a room, but it is really about how people feel in that space. A luxury home design should have features from all design parts: interior design, exterior design and landscape design.


Here are 11 features to think about to design a luxurious home.


#1 Consider the location of your home.

The design of your home should be tailored to the location. The design should consider the region’s external features, such as the size of the lot, zoning laws, and geographical constraints. Consider whether or not you want to design an urban or rural home.


#2 Build a basement for storage and entertainment.

A basement design can significantly enhance a home. It is perfect for those who live in areas that experience harsh winters and extreme summer heat.


The basement allows you to have extra space that you may use in the future. You can also use it as a storage or an entertainment room. However, make sure to include enough windows to allow adequate airflow to reduce the humidity.


An emergency exit is also an essential consideration because basements are prone to flooding when there are heavy storms or when water seeps through cracks in the foundation. If you’re not sure how much space to allocate to your basement design, keep it at around 10% of the total area of your house.


#3 Add a sunroom to increase natural light in the house.

A sunroom can make a home design even more luxurious. Sunrooms should be built in the southeast corner of a house. However, talk to your builder to discuss the space’s sizing and layout according to your property and needs.


A sunroom should include double-glazed windows with awnings, soft watercolour paint, with light-coloured furniture. A few accessories with plenty of gardening gear will also look great.


#4 Include an outdoor living area with a fireplace or outdoor kitchen.

The design of an outdoor living space should include a fireplace or an outdoor kitchen. It is said that lighting your outdoor fireplace for at least 3 hours a day can provide a welcoming ambience that can improve your mood and impress your guests.


An outdoor area without a fireplace can be equally luxurious if the design includes great landscaping or an outdoor kitchen with heated countertops.


#5 Make sure there is plenty of storage in your design.

A luxurious design should include closets or cupboards that are designed to accommodate the needs of every member of the family. The design should also take into consideration any professional uniforms that might need to be stored.


#6 Keep in mind the design spaces.

Make sure that you have enough space to accommodate the furniture and essentials in your luxury home.


For example, suppose you own two cars but want to design a garage for three vehicles for future use. In that case, you can include temporary storage cabinets in the extra space, allowing it to be converted back to a car space in the future.


#7 Design an open kitchen with plenty of cabinet space.

The design of the kitchen should include a lot of cabinet space for those who love to cook. A design that consists of an island with seating is perfect for cooking and entertaining guests.


The cabinet space allows you to organize your spices and condiments, making the cooking process hassle-free.


#8 Include a guest suite on-site or nearby.

The design of a luxury home should include a guest suite on-site or nearby. A design with two bathrooms and walk-in closets is perfect for those who frequently have friends and family stay overnight.


If you really want to give your guests that luxury experience, the bathroom design should include double sinks, an enormous shower (with rain heads), heated floors, spa tubs and a separate toilet.


Also, ensure you make the most of natural light and ventilation and have plenty of storage. These features will help you to make the most of any space you design.


#9 Use high-quality materials like marble countertops and stainless steel appliances.

One characteristic that describes an elegant home is the materials used to build it and the furniture used within a luxurious home. Design features include using marble countertops and stainless steel appliances.


#10 An elegant master suite that includes a luxurious bathroom with a spa-like feel.

Another design feature is creating an elegant master suite that has a luxurious bathroom with a spa-like feel.


When you invest a lot in your home, you deserve to get the most out of it by getting pampered in a luxurious bathroom that provides you with a spa-like experience.


#11 A spacious backyard for outdoor entertaining or gardening.

If you want to design a luxury home, do not forget the outdoors. Create a backyard garden or entertainment facility by hiring a contractor or an architect to help you design a luxurious home with a fantastic backyard garden and amenities that will amaze your guests.


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