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What is a Custom Home Builder

Everyone will come to the point of their life where they’ll dream what their future home will look like. But not everyone has the skill to build it. Even if some do, they still need help as they cannot do it themselves. Because of this, a custom home builder is there to turn your dream home into a reality.


What is a Custom Home Builder?


There are two types of builders: custom home builders and volume builders. Custom home builders will build a home to your specifications, while volume builders have pre-designed homes that they create in bulk.


Custom home builders have the advantage of personalizing your home to your needs and wants. They can also build on any lot. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about finding a builder who can work with your chosen land.


The only downside of hiring custom builders is that they can be more expensive than volume builders.


Hiring volume builders are more affordable, and they also have the advantage of building a home more quickly than custom builders.


The disadvantage of hiring volume builders is that customizing your home may be more challenging. You might end up with many finishes that don’t match what you want.


What Does a Custom Home Builder Do?


A custom home builder designs and builds custom homes. They start this process by listening to the client’s needs, wants, desires, and concerns.


The custom home builder then uses these answers to design a floor plan that fits the client’s specifications. After the custom home builder has designed the floor plan, they will work with subcontractors to build the custom home.


Why Hire a Custom Home Builder?


Since custom home builders build homes to your specifications, they can ensure everything is perfect for you. If custom home builders didn’t exist, people would have to settle for almost identical homes that aren’t quite what they wanted.


Custom home builders allow people to have the exact custom home they want. They give you a greater degree of control over your custom home than volume builders do. If something goes wrong with a custom build, you can contact them and have them fix it, which you can’t do with a volume builder.


Because custom home builders listen to you, they are the best people to hire to get the home of your dreams.


How Long Will it Take to Find a Legit Custom Home Builder in Toronto?


Finding custom home builders in Toronto is easy. You can start by browsing online and calling them up, though it’s better if you ask for referrals from friends and family.


Before you hire custom home builders, make sure to ask these questions:


Do you have references I can talk to?


This question will help you know that the custom home builders are legit.


How long have you been building custom homes? 


How long they are in the industry gives you a hint of how reputable and trustworthy they are.


What kind of customizations can I make on my home? 


This question will give you an idea of what custom home builders can do.


How many customizations can I make to my home? 


Knowing custom home builders in Toronto’s customizing capacity will help you see whether they are expensive.


If custom home builders say yes to all these questions, then your Toronto custom home builders might be for you, and you’ll get the custom home of your dreams.




Custom home builders are people who design and build custom homes. They listen to the client’s wishes on how they want their home to become. From there, they create a strategy on how they can turn your visions into reality.


Customizing your home may be more challenging than you thought. Although it is more expensive, it’s all worth it if you prefer to live in a comfortable, future-proof home.

We understand how important your home is to you and how much you are willing to invest in it. Don’t let your investment go down the drain by hiring the wrong builders to do the job. Contact BCR today for more information.

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