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Your Guide to Hiring a Custom Home Builder in Toronto

Hiring just any custom home builder in Toronto and not taking the time to research the building companies around you can cost you your hard-earned money. You could end up with a home that is not to your taste or of low quality.


Building a custom luxury home is an expensive undertaking, which will cost you around $200 to $300 per sq. ft. Because of this, you should not take hiring a custom builder in Toronto lightly.


Who Is the Best Custom Home Builder in Toronto?

But, how are you going to hire the best custom home builder who can turn your dream home into reality? Besides the house construction cost, hiring a custom home builder in Toronto will also cost you money.


As a homeowner, you deserve to make the most out of your investment. Because of this, you should hire the best custom home builder in Toronto by following these tips:


Make a list of all your “maybe’s.”

Make a list of all the custom home builders in Toronto whom you wouldn’t mind working with.


You can find a list of custom home builders in Toronto by browsing the Internet. You can also ask your friends, relatives, real estate agents, and neighbours for referrals. It’s best to ask for advice from someone who lives in a custom home you like.


After getting all the referrals, list them down and zero in this list.



When conducting your research online, be careful about fake reviews. Some custom home builders in Toronto may post fake reviews to make their business look good. To get accurate reviews, go to a third-party website dedicated to reviewing builders and contractors.


Go to the builder’s website, and visit their pages. See how long they’ve been in the industry, and look at the gallery of their work if it’s available.


You may also talk to the homeowners who have worked with your prospects in the past. Arrange a visit and interview them. Ask about the positive and negative things they’ve experienced while working with their custom home builders.


Interview the builders.

After doing your research, interview each custom home builder in Toronto who is left on your list. This is how you will know if they are truly capable of handling your project. Prepare a list of questions beforehand and compare their answers.


Some of the things you may want to ask are:

  • How long have you been in the custom home building business?
  • Do you have experience working on homes similar to what I envision my dream home to be?
  • Can you provide me with a list of homeowners who have worked with you in the past?
  • What is the usual process of custom home building?
  • How do you deal with change orders?
  • What kind of warranty or guarantee can you provide me?


For a comprehensive list of questions to ask your prospect, see the 24 Questions to Ask a Luxury Home Builder for a Successful Hire.


When looking for a custom home builder in Toronto, experience is an important consideration. A builder who has been in the industry for five years or more is likely to have a proven track record with customers, high completion rates, and problem-solving skills.


Decide on your budget and contingency fund.

Based on their offers, get a rough estimate on how much you can spend on your home. This will serve as your baseline on who you can work with.


You should also have a contingency budget for custom home building. This ensures that you will not go over your budget if there are unforeseen circumstances during the construction process.


Compare quotes.

After you’ve interviewed all the custom home builders in Toronto who made it to your final list, ask each one of them for a written quote. Compare their quotes and see which one is the most affordable without compromising quality.


Remember, just because a custom builder offers you the lowest price doesn’t mean they are the best option for you.


When hiring a custom home builder in Toronto, ensure that your interests are represented and protected. You can rest assured that you’re making a sound investment when you follow these tips.


The custom home builders in Toronto who made it to your final list will likely offer different services and warranties. It is essential to understand what each of them offers before deciding.


Some custom builders may have hidden fees that can increase the project’s overall cost. Others may not have a warranty at all. Because of this, make sure to read the fine print before signing any contract.

If you need help in planning and making decisions for the construction of your custom home, contact BCR now!

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