Turn your basement into a self contained living space

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Keep your parents safe

We’ve all seen the heartbreaking stories during COVID-19. People dying needlessly in aged care facilities.

Save Money on Aged Care

Across Canada, monthly fees range from $1,500 to $6,000. A basement transformation will save you tens of thousands.

Improve their standard of living

Create lasting memories, keep them safe and help them enjoy their golden years! Create the living space they truly deserve.

Basements designed to suit your parent's currentand future needs

Welcome your parents into a safe, comfortable space without making them feel like they're living in a basement... They deserve it!

A standard basement renovation simply won't work

Here are some important considerations:

• Door Width

Wider doors offer easy wheelchair access. Double doors to a master bedroom can allow a bed to be rolled in. Egress doors to allow fast & easy access for first responders.

• Electrical Outlets

Consider raising electrical outlets from the standard height, to 18 inches off the ground. Higher outlets can be accessed from a seated position and minimise the need to lean or bend down to plug things in.

• Kitchen

Use light colours for cupboards, benches and appliances. We recommend electric burners as they turn red when hot and black when cool, plus they are safer than gas.

• Flooring

Consider low-pile carpet, you need flooring that a wheelchair can easily roll over. Tile and other hard flooring options are less desirable as they pose a greater fall risk.

• Bathroom

A walk-in shower with grab bar is imperative. Consider a built-in bench to allow seated bathing. A wide entry with no step also allows a wheelchair to enter the space for transfer to the shower seat. 

• Lighting

Recessed lighting can provide plenty of artificial light with minimal glare, which can be bothersome to people with low vision. Also consider wide wall switches for lighting and desk lamps.

• Colours

Light colours can brighten a space and make it easier for your parents to see. Consider all of your options to bring natural light into the space. Egress windows, skylights, mirrors, etc.

• Toilet & Taps

Lever-style faucet handles should be used to enable operation of the sink and shower without having to grip and turn. Also consider a chair-height commode with a lever flush mechanism.

• Access to Main Level

The width of the stairs is an important consideration. Ensure grab rails are installed on both sides. Chair Lifts are a cost effective solution when mobility becomes a challenge.

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Turn your basement into a self contained living space

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Our expert designers will ensure that your parents feel safe and comfortable. Custom designed to suit their current and future needs



With a BCR seniors living basement, your parents will feel loved. They’ll enjoy independence, while remaining close to your family.

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“The experience BCR has is unbeatable. If we could do it all over again, we wouldn’t have changed a thing. Thank you for all your hard work and thank you for creating a beautiful living space!”


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Don’t be caught by builders who under-quote to win your business, only to charge extra once you are committed. It could cost you a small fortune and untold heartache. 

With a BCR seniors living basement, your parents will feel loved.

Our expert designers will ensure that your parents feel safe, comfortable & loved. 

Custom designed to suit their current and future needs.

Basement Renovation Checklist for Senior Care

29 Things you need to consider for a safe and comfortable home.